What would happen if there weren't any outer planets?

Rachel Strizhius

Caption: The 4 outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


               I think that the outer planets actually play a big role on the other planets in the solar system.  I think that they impact the solar system in a big way. For example, Jupiter can help the Earth control the comets. We would have a land filled with comets if it weren't for Jupiter! The other outer planets have at least a little impact, so if something happened to them, bad things would happen.

What are the Outer Planets?

              The outer planets are the four planets outside of the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is a region in space that contains irregular bodies, or mirror planets.  The planets outside of the asteroid belt are mostly made up of gasses. They are......

Jupiter Facts:

1: Jupiter has a mass over 300 times the Earth.

2: Jupiter has 63 moons

3: One of Jupiter's moons has salt water on it's surface, so it may hold some life, eventually.

Saturn: Saturn has many moons but one in particular, Enceladus, has a foot hold for human life. This moon also has a gyser, so heated liquid must be under the surface.

Uranus: Uranus has only had one space craft make it to the surface.

Neptune: Neptune has a chemical composition that may lead to clues to what the icy debris around some planets are.

What Would Happen if the Outer Planets Disappeared?

        The outer planets are bound to collapse one day, right? It's just like the sun, it will eventually die out. So, what will happen? Well, the solar systems planets must be there for a reason, so when they die out, we may be in trouble. If some of the planets had never even existed, we would have to find replacement for everything that we didn't have, such as protection from comets! When these planets die out, we probably won't be alive. It is said that the planets will die out, well, almost in order. First the Sun, then Mercury, and so on. So the planets wouldn't have an effect on us THEN. It very much effects us now. But, if they were to die out while we were still alive, we probably wouldn't live very long. We wouldn't have normal rotation patterns, we wouldn't be very well protected, and we wouldn't have great success.

My Big Idea Answer is.....

We would be in quite a bit of trouble. As explained in the previous paragraph, we would not have protection, normal rotations, and no success.

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