Agents of Socialization

Faith Kazmierczak


My family has helped me become socialized in many different ways. Growing up my family taught me how to think, speak, and communicate with others. My parents have helped teach me basic norms, beliefs, and values such as manners and how to act in certain situations. Growing up my family and I went on many different trips. Traveling helped teach me how to act in certain environments. Such assitting quietly on an airplane or having to get along with my brother in long car rides. My family has been the biggest influence on socialization throughout my life.

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry was our family song. Whenever we hung out with our cousins this was always the go to song. We would listen to this song in the car or play this song and put on dance shows for our parents.


Going to school has helped me with socialization in many different ways. At a young age, elementary school helped lay down common base rules that every child should learn early on in life. In elementary school I learned rules such as how to share with others, respect others, and to take turns. I also learned common safety rules like not running inside, how to properly cross the street, and to not talk to strangers. In middle school the biggest changes I had to adjust to and relearn were how to stay organized with different subject classes and how to manage my time. In middle school I also began to meet new friends and learned how to dress appropriately in a school setting. High school helped me become socialized because it help me find myself as a person, helped me realize what friend groups I belong with, and what activities I enjoy doing most.

Peer Groups

I began dancing at the age of three and throughout the years it has taught me many different things about socialization. In the early years of dancing I was in combo class. Combo class helped teach me how to listen to adults, stay focused, and be patient. As seen in the video above, dance conventions have taught me how to make new friends that have the same interests I do. They have also taught me how to interact with professionals in the field that I would like to be a part of in my future. Dance, along with NHS has helped teach me how to be a leader and set an example for my peers and younger students.

Mass Media

Mass Media has played a pretty big role in socialization throughout my life. At a young age I began watching shows such as Teletubbies, The Wiggles, Blues Clues, and Clifford. These shows helped teach me how to count, the alphabet, colors, and many more concepts that you learn at a young age. Another part of mass media that has influenced my life in many different ways is music. Music has played such a huge part in my life because when dancing you pretty much always need music. Music has helped me in ways such as portraying my feelings through dance, putting me in a better mood, or helping me focus while studying. Social media has also helped me socialize. It has helped me stay in contact with other dancers I have met from competitions, conventions, or intensives.

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