Unit 1 Building Block 3

How and Europeans Came to the New World

Big Idea:

  • Where people live is shaped by economic, social, political, and environmental factors.
  • Discoveries and innovations change the way people live.

Building Block Overview:

Students learn how and why explorers set out for the New World in the late 1400s and in the 1500s. In the Preview, students list tools they would use to plan and take a family trip and the problems they might experience without these tools. In a Social Studies Skill Builder, pairs take on the role of underwater archaeologists to examine objects from an explorer’s ship. After reading about the objects, students categorize them as navigation tools, motives for exploration, or new products from the Americas. In the Processing activity, students write an entry in an exploration log.

Student Outcomes:

  • I can explain where, when, and why groups of people explored, colonized and settled in the United States.

Academic Vocabulary:

New World, Age of Exploration, explorer, cash crop,

The phrase “God, gold, and glory” for 8th grade frontloading on the reasons for exploration.

1.  Preview Lesson Guide 45

2.  Building Background Lesson Guide 45

3.  Skill Builder Lesson Guide 46, keeping in mind the Big Ideas for this lesson.

  • Create a ship's hull in the center of your classroom with painter's tape or masking tape.
  • See diagram on Lesson Guide page 46 for placard placement.
  • I ask the students to write in complete sentences.
  • As neatly as possible, draw the illustrations accurately.
  • Accountability idea (option):  Notebook check upon completion.  Describe the object placed in D2 (or whichever).  What was this object's purpose?

4.  Technology integration idea:  Use OneNote to create a journal or diary entry to share and print, then placed in ISN.

5.  Checkpoint assessment