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Here are 5 mobile apps that can be used in a k-12 classroom

Remind 101

”It seems like phones are more like text messaging devices than anything else these days, which is great for two reasons. One, the massive minute overage bills may be coming to an end and two, we can incorporate this SMS technology into our classroom and beyond with apps like Remind101.
At the core, Remind101 is an app built (in conjunction with educators) to solve communication obstacles between teachers, students and parents using devices that rarely come unglued from our hands. Teachers are able to send SMS messages to individual students or class-wide to remind them of upcoming due dates or exams or simply send words of encouragement. And, as aforementioned, parents are also able to receive texts for upcoming conferences, updates on their child’s progress or more pressing behavioral/emergency matters.”(, 2009-2014)


Quizlet is an app that incorporates a variety of study tools, learning styles and games to make review fun. “This free website enables teachers and students to create digital flash cards. Quizlet can automatically generate interactive games and even tests of the material you enter into it. Five or ten minutes of typing (or pasting!) up front can yield literally hours’ worth of automatically-assessed activities inside and outside of the classroom, on computers, smartphones, tablets, and even pencil-and-paper printed exercises” (Price. B, 2013)


“Pages is a poweful word processor that supplies all of the tools to create documents that look and read beautifully. Pages makes sharing and collaborating as natural as writing which allows students to work on the same material from separate locations. Pages is a full featured word processor that helps you turn every document into a must read. This resource allows you to easily insert citations, check word count and track changes through rounds of revisions. By storing work on icloud, students can edit documents anywhere, anytime on any device"(Apple, 2014).

Microsoft OneNote

“Microsoft OneNote is the most robust single note-taking app, because it looks just like a traditional notebook. It rocks interactive whiteboards because the notes you write on the board go directly into the notebook you share with the students. You can also edit simultaneously with a maximum of five students (unofficial number from testing it). Students can write notes, grab screenshots and make to-do lists. If you're predominantly using Windows or Surface RTs and have an IT staff who can support the setup, this may still be your best option”(Davis.V, 2014).


“Nearpod is an all-in-one-solution for the use of mobile devices in education. This tool has benefits such as ready-to-use lessons that can be downloaded. As well as a variety of multimedia content. Nearpod gives instructors the ability to monitor classroom activity and easily control students devices. Instructors can easily create interactive classes using nearpod they can share content and assessments in real time ad students can join nearpod sessions from anywhere”(Nearpod, (2014).


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