Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

pathways: Animal systems, Environmental service

career: Animal Trainer, Animal Scientist, animal Care taker

- works with animals   - zoo, vet,  - animal training and care taking

- biology is a high school class important to the career choice

-Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant

Health Service

pathways: Veterinarian, animal caretaker

career: Veterinarian, Veterinary Assistant/Laboratory Animal Caretaker

- athletics      - medicine      - veterinary     - assistant

Hospitality and Tourism

pathways: Recreation, travel

careers: Soccer player, soccer coach, Athletic Director

- professional athelts      - athletic director for soccer makes around 160,700$

- sports studeies programs      - health is a important class to take

- biology and english are important classes to take in high school and college

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