CANSA - Jail & Bail, Knysna

When: Saturday 15 February 2014
Where: Woodmill Lane Mall Knysna
Time: 09:00


Business men, A Beauty Queen and a few local celebrities will be arrested in public by a Police officer in uniform, in a bid to raise money for CANSA in Knysna. The event, which is taking place on Saturday, 15 February 2014 from 09:00, will see all five fundraisers photographed and thrown into a “mock jail” at the Woodmill Lane Mall in Knysna

Prisoners will be charged before being locked up and will be tasked with raising a lot of money in order to be released. A town crier will be on hand at all ‘arrests’ to ensure the public is aware the event is for charity and not a genuine criminal arrest. Once the money has been raised, inmates will be released. Press are invited to visit the jail from 10:00 on Saturday morning where they can conduct interviews with inmates and capture the excitement on camera.

Our soon to be “jailbirds” needs to encourage friends, family and colleagues, to donate money or become a supporter and most important, remember to have a great time while raising money for CANSA Relay for Life.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the organisers, Trudi Stander at Simply Pizzazz 079 022 7840

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