Laser Hair Removal Process- All You Wanted To Know

Are you looking for a non-invasive and convenient method to get rid of unwanted hair from your body? The best way to achieve your desire is through opting for hair removal laser in London. Compared to waxing, the results leave your skin silky and smoother than ever before. As opposed to all other procedures like lasers, electrolysis, and more, laser techniques are gentler on your skin treating large areas with effectiveness without any downtime and minimal discomfort. No wonder, there are so many takers for this procedure considered one of the topmost cosmetic surgical treatments chosen by the clients.

A commonly performed aesthetic removal as the name suggests, it makes use of laser rays to help you rid of unwanted hair from your body and face. So is it for you? It works well for most people helping to:

  • Treat small, large body areas
  • Bring uniformity in complexion and skin color
  • Get rid of hair permanently in 3-8 sessions

Professionals use this method safely on all the parts of your body including the face but you may need to wear protective eye covering during the procedure. Permanent reduction or removal of hair from such parts as the legs help you to save money and time as involved in shaving or waxing.

About the procedure

The professionals performing hair laser removal in London trim away the hair so that it remains up to just a few millimeters from your skin surface. For protection to outer skin layer application of cooling device or cooling gel is common. This also facilitates the overall treatment as the laser rays are able to penetrate better through your skin. Laser low-energy beams are the most common items used for removal and it is possible to adjust it based upon skin color, location, thickness, and color of hair.

In order to test the feasibility of such procedures on your skin, the professionals will first direct pulse test light to treatment area. Observation of this part of the skin will occur after passage of laser low-energy beam to ensure correct settings and absence of adverse reactions. Once the test proves to be successful, the laser low-energy beam now successively goes from spot-to-spot, permanently and instantly disabling hair active growth follicles. Those hair follicles, which are in a dormant phase, however do not get affected with such treatments.

Laser hair removal in London is finding many takers as new technologies and treatment methodologies are adding to the positive results for the users. After the completion of the procedure, the doctors will give you anti-inflammatory lotions, creams, or simple cold water or ice packs for application on the treated area of your skin. In all, you get an optimal hair removal however, you have to undergo multiple sessions in most cases. Besides the average 3-8 sessions your doctor may call you later too for further sessions in case of exogenous hormone or secretion of endogenous hormone state.

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