Shintoism symbol

It started at least as long ago as 1000 B.C. but is still practiced today by at least five million people

Preists going to a shrine

There are no religious texts except for books on lore and history which provide background to their beliefs

Shintoism in Japan and some Cambodia/Vietnam
Shintoism Gods/Godess
  • Amaterasu and Inari are the main gods with many other gods that have different roles.
Different kinds of shrins

When entering a shrine one must wash hands and mouths and carry a wood plaque with prayers on it. Once inside the worshiper offers food and water. Then you have to start by bowing twice clapping twice then bow once more to welcome the Kami.

Kami idol


The symbols above is shintoism in Japanese and the first picture in the presentation is the main symbol.

Shrine set up

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