Brain cancer:Neuroblastoma

Figure 1. Neuroblastoma may be found in the adrenal glands and paraspinal nerve tissue from the neck to the pelvis.

About Brain cancer

Cancer of the brain is usually called a tumor.Doctors diagnose a brain tumor by doing a neurological exam,and tests like an MRI. Peoplewith brain cancers have several treatment options.


Some of the symptoms of brain cancer are,

Possible causes

Factors such as mobile phones,power lines,and certain electronics are suggested as possible causes of brain cancer. A lot of research has looked into these possible causes; especially mobile phones. However, from the evidence to date, we still can’t say for sure that any of these factors cause or increase the risk of developing a brain tumor.

Cancer growth


There is no standard stages of brain cancer. Brain tumors that begin in the brain may spread or metastasize to other parts of the brain and spinal cord but they rarely spread to other parts of the body.

Treatment options

Some treatment options are Radiation therapy,Chemotherapy and Targeted therapy. Radiation therapy is using x-ray light to find the cure. Chemotherapy is the process of treatment by chemicals. Targeted therapy is a new way of treating cancer and is the process of using drugs or other substances to attack cancer cells.

Survival Rate

The survival rate is usually a five year period after diagnosed. Of course you will survive much longer than five years though. Nueroblastoma is more common in children than adults. The survival rate has increased from 37%-65% to a steady 87% chance of survival. Remission is the process of where the proceess shrinks up and dies off,but it is never away it is always with you. If your cancer begins remission, you have a greater chance of surviving.

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