Winter's Pleasure

Kealan McCutcheon 4-15-14

-Pouncing from snow pile to snow pile

we laughed merrily

-Finally we fell and chuckled

together her and I

-We looked to the sky

framing pictures with the clouds

-Stealing our attention

a squirrel hopped through the snow

-She tried to catch it,

but very clumsily indeed

-Not far behind

I decided to tackle her

-We clustered together

and tumbled down the hill

-We lay at the bottom,

once again we laughed

-Suddenly a voice

coming from our house

called out names

the names of which we were given at birth

"Kealan, Shae I've made hot cocoa"

-We ran like cheetahs

to that glowing voice

-The step we took inside

was like stepping into loves embrace

-Leaving all else behind

we enjoyed the drink

and the winter

" - = new stanza  "

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