Plexus Slim the pink drink that helps people to loose weight and become healthy again, without changing anything else you do!

MY home business is Plexus it allows you to regain control of your health and can even help you to create a residual income. It was originally developed to help type 2 diabetes patience to control their blood sugar levels, it also has products to help with pain .I have only been with Plexus since October of 2013,and originally got into this business with the help of a friend so that i could loose weight and then when talking to him i decided you know what i want to know the whole story and what it does for added income and that is how i got into Plexus was for weight loss then to start an income.I am located just outside St.Elmo Illinois and this company is worldwide i am not the only one who has Plexus as a home business it is just a matter of getting things out there so that everyone can see what we are about. As of right now the company is not offering any special but you can find my information about my business here

It is a great company and if people would take the time to do the math they could average out the amount you pay out in products that you might buy averages out to $3.83 per if you buy plexus slim & Accelerator plus combo at retail if you buy at Preferred customer $3.33 per day and wholesale is for anyone who is an ambassador it $2.33 per day being an ambassador cost 34.95 per year and you receive two websites and any product you buy is at the whole sale prices if your not an ambassador then it will cost you retail price or preferred customer price.

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