History:China is a town with many things and achievements. We have so many cool stuff like we invented and made things like. Well we invented the wheelbarrow,stir fry and bronze weapons. And we have many cultures like the color red and yellow mean you are rich/wealthy. We use silk for a lot of our clothing. Also we also had many attacks and our empire Qin Shi Huang he was the one who told us to set off and start building the Great wall of China so we did and it was amazing it took awhile but we did and it protects us and it will protect us forever.

The Great wall of China: And we have tourist every year so we would like you to come on down to the great wall of china and check it out but wait there's more. We also recommend you go see the Terracotta Army

Amusement Park: And we have many things to do like our very own offer. Where you can swim in the huang he and then go to a traditional party were they do the dragon dance and you  get to learn about our past history like how our land started.

Accommodations and Dining:And we have the best food choices we recommend the chinese stir fry did you know that the stir fry was invented by the chinese because it was hard to cook stuff it would take forever so they just cut everything in little pieces so it cooks faster.

But now if you're interested in this offer we would love if you came. It would be amazing its a great deal and you get to learn about its culture. Theirs whole lot of things to do too. But you should come. Thank you for listening we appreciate your time and i hope to see you in China  

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