Career Research Project

Nuclear Engineering
Nathaniel Jackson

Neccessary Job Skills

Some necessary job skills are you have to work well with others, have a good work ethic, and always keep a positive attitude.


Some requirements would be four year of high school science and math classes including biology, then four years of science and math in college.

University of Nebraska

I picked The University of Nebraska because they have a great engineering program and I have always cheered on their football team. Below is a picture of their Architectural Engineering campus.

My dad

My dad is my role model because he has always been there for everyone even if he has to give up his own time to help someone out. I want to go into the same field of work as him but he doesnt want me to be a machinest because its hard on your body so I want to be an engineer. My dad is the one person I can go to for anything and I know he will be there for me, even though he live two hours away he would leave work and drive back if he needed to. He is also my biggest fan, driving from Chicago to Geneseo, sometimes six times a week to watch me play baseball. He will always be my biggest supporter and fan that I will ever have. That is why my dad is, and will always be my biggest role model.

US News Article says that nuclear engineering is the new hot job to have because it is desperately needed. It is so popular because with all the new technology advncements in energy, engineers with a nuclear background are highly wanted. According to the ANS, "That 700 nuclear engineers need to graduate per year to support the potential demand." This makes many jobs for everyone in the nuclear engineering field. Some companies that are in the nuclear field are Exelon and General Electric. Many of the General Electric power plants have closed down except the ones that are in the nuclear business which means if you are in the nuclear business then they will need you. It only takes four years to get your bachelors degree in nuclear energy. We need more people to get into nuclear energy so we can find new ways of making clean energy.

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