Summer 13 :)


This summer was a great one. I went to the Indianapolis fair and i had a blast. We rode rides and went ate elephant ears and saw the ice skating show. We were there all day until night time. Everything at night looks awesome. All the lights looked cool.

This summer I also went to The Museum Of Art in Indianapolis. Everything there was so artistic and cool to look at. We rode a big bysicle which was nice until we had to go up hills. The view was really nice and there was so much stuff to look at. I will definatly be going back.

One of my favorite places to go during the summer is California. I went to visit my dad. We went to San Fransisco and it was amazing. There are so many hude uilding with tons of people. The view of the golden gate bridge is something really worth seeing. One of the things that i really liked about San Fransisco was when you look up at some of the buildings you cant see the very top because there so high up that the clouds cover it. This is some of the things I did for my 2013 Summer. :)

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