Before It Becomes a Nightmare

How to Prevent HIV?

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, being known as the world’s leading infectious killer, is a virus that attacks the immune system and leaves you at risk to be affected of cancers and infections. When it is no longer possible to fight the infection, then the disease is known as AIDS, standing for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. In the 1980s, the first case was reported and marks the beginning of the epidemic that has now killed over 36 million people. There is only one thing left unsaid: how can it be prevented?[1]

First of all, you should be really careful with sexual activities, including oral, anal or vaginal sex, since it is the most common way of contracting the virus. You must be sure to be well protected while having sex by using condoms, for example. Of course, you should limit your sexual partners and be aware of their status before having sex with them. Be preventive! Have sober sex to be sure you have safe sex! [2]

Second of all, if you’re taking drugs, decrease your risk of being exposed. You should use new syringes or make sure they are sterile. «Make sure your needles come from a reputable source. »[3] Don’t share or reuse your equipment to prepare or take drugs. Sterilizing to kill viruses should be a habit! Of course, the best habit should be not injecting drugs at all! No drugs, no risks of HIV!

Third of all, watch your surroundings. For example, if you’re getting body piercings or tattooed, you must be sure the equipment is sterile. Also, «at work or in public, we should never recap sharp objects after use and always dispose of used sharp objects in a clear container to avoid accidental contact. Remember that blood and body fluids should be threaten as is they are in infectious.»[4] The safer, the better!

Last but not least, get tested regularly. We should all know if we’re HIV positive or negative. If we’re HIV positive, we should understand that there is no cure; it’s permanent. In fact, «medicine can only slow down the development of AIDS and help HIV positive patients live relatively comfortable lives.»[5] Somehow, treatment and supportive services are there to help people stay healthy and not infect others. For example, pregnant women can receive the appropriate medication so they don’t contaminate the baby and should also not nurse their child since breast milk is not virus-free. Be responsible of your disease!

Raising awareness by preventing is not that complicated. Get informed of the symptoms and help others too before it all becomes a nightmare.

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