Career Tackk

Brody Strawderman

My Job

What I want to do after high school is to be a police officer. The reason is because it's something I have always wanted to do. They do stuff like watch for speeder on highways, Catch people drinking, and a lot of other stuff too.. I think it's a really cool job and I think it would be great to be a police officer.

The organization I would want to work for is to be part of the state police of West Virginia. Reason why is that is that I don't like to work away from my home state and Plus I now this because I now a lot of people that is a state police officer.

What type of training I would need is 6 Months to go through state police academy. I'm not sure what type of training it is but all I know is that you need to go through 6 months of training.

I can get this training at West Virginia state police Academy, or go through law enforcement in training.

I would go through 6 months of this and I would go through any type of college for this job.

I plan to get over those obstacle by finding all the information to get this job and study as hard as I can to get a degree in for this job.

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