Mobile Apps in the Classroom

App 1
Formulas Lite

What it is? Formulas lite is the free version of Formulas and it can be found on the Android marketplace. This apps contains many formulas from different subjects including math,physics, and chemistry. How can it be used? This app can be used by students to solve problems in class. It is quite useful though when students are going to be writing exams. For example, I know that students usually need a periodic table and a formula sheet when writing tests and that could take too much space on the table and can be very distracting. If they only have one app though that has everything it will make everything easier and then they could just focus on writing the test.

App 2

What it is? iMathematics is a math app that is on both Android and iOS. This application is made specifically for math. It has many different calculators and quick notes about almost every topic in math

How can it be used? This app can be used by students to solve problems in class that they already know how to solve since the built in calculators will do that for them. This can be useful for problems that have multiple steps in it. It also has many definitions and examples that could help the students attain the skill needed.

App 3
Mathlab Graphing Calculator

What it is? This is a very powerful, complex but easy to use graphing calculator. It supports many different types of mathematical function, equations across many branches of mathematics.

How can it be used? This app can be used by students to clearly visualize what they are computing. It also replaces the big graphing calculator that has limited features and is more expensive to this app. The app also includes some equation solver calculators besides the graphing calculator which can also be useful to students when solving equations.

App 4
Calculus math app Lite

What it is? Calculus math app lite is an app that is solely made for Calculus. It is a unique app in that it presents information in a unique interactive story like way. It has many definitions and examples that can be used for practice.

How can it be used? This app can be really useful since it only focuses on Calculus and it does not have any other features that can be overwhelming for students. Since the app has interactive features and cool animations, it allows the students to better understand the main topics in Calculus in a fun almost stress free environment. This app can also help learners who learn better from visual queues better than the traditional way that Calculus is taught in traditional classrooms.

App 5
Geometry Stash

What it is? Geometry stash is an app that is solely made for geometry. It keeps almost all the necessary theorems, formulas and visual examples that come along in geometry all in one place.

How can it be used? This app can be used by student to quickly reference a theorem or a formula without going through many pages in their textbooks or in their notes. It can also help students who have trouble understanding the formal written definition of a term, since it has visual explanation of what each definition means. The app also doe not have many extraneous features that the student might not need in order not to confuse them or overwhelm them which can be very useful.

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