VCR Presentations #2


sacer - Latin for "sacred"

n. disrespect to something regarded as sacred

Harming a cow is considered sacreligious to the Muslims in India.


sanctus - Latin for "holy"

n. a sacred place; any place of refuge.

When the family got to the sanctuary of Siesta Key Beach in Florida, they were awed at its beauty.


hieros- Greek for "holy", "sacred", "supernatural"

n. a group organized by rank

The boy's handwriting was so hieroglyphic the teacher made him rewrite his essay.


pio, piare, piavi, piatum- Latin for "to appease" or "to purify (with sacred rites)"

n. Religious devotion; great respect toward something, especially parents

The man had such piety, he decided to dedicate his life to God by becoming a monk.

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