Esme S.

7th grade English portfolio

My portfolio Reflection

1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?

I think I have grown in argumentative essay writing but not so much in creative writing. I feel like argumentative writing will help me in the future so I am glad that I developed it.  I was not very confident before with argu.mentative writing but now I feel confident and like I can pick out important parts and write  confidently.

2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain.

I feel like I have developed my argumentative skills but creativity is my writing strong point. When we did the holocaust diary entries, I felt the most confident and strong as a writer. I feel like creative writing is my writing strongpoint.
3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain.

I want to continue developing my essay writing style. I feel better at it this year but it still isn't at the level I want it to be at. I hope to continue devolping that next year and also learning to to be as repetative.
4. What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why.

I feel like the walrus and the carpenter was the one that showed the most developed argumentative writing. It is also one that I enjoyed writing the most but I do not know why. It shows my understanding of the different parts that make up an argumentative essay
5. What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why.

I am most proud of my holocaust diary entry number four. I feel like it exhibited good vocabulary and good creativity in writing. I also enjoyed it the most so I think that is what helped me the most.

Artifact #1

There are so many decisions that people need to be prepared to make quickly. The world needs to be very knowledgeable to handle quick decisions that will result in their safety. In the walrus and the Carpenter, Lewis Carroll emphasizes the theme of not confusing personal desires with the logic of the situation or safety by using personification and pathos.

First, Caroll uses personification to make the audience laugh and make the scene more appealing. When the oysters are not sure whether to come on a walk, the Walrus says: ”Oh oysters come and walk with us!”(31) Even though the poem carries a serious message, using personification makes it seem more fun and appealing to the audience. It helps lighten the concept of what can happen when a person confuses their own desires with the logic of the situation they are in. When someone confuses their desires with safety, those people can be put in danger like the oysters. Not only can they be put in danger but they can put others around them or close to them in danger.

Carroll uses pathos to appeal to the oysters emotional desires and get them to follow the Walrus out of safety. When the oysters are first talking to the Walrus, the Walrus says, “A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk” (33). This shows that the Walrus is trying to address to the oysters emotions by making the walk sound pleasant. By using pathos to trick the oysters by appealing to their emotional cravings by making something like a walk sound pleasant

In conclusion, don’t let your desires get the best of you.

Artifcact #2

Dear Alicia,

I am so sorry I have not written you sooner. My family and I have just been told that Rachel and I are being deported to Auschwitz. My mother screamed at the soldier who told us to get into the truck and she was beaten to death in front of us. Rachel cried for hours and so did I.

They loaded me and Rachel into a rusty metal truck. It smelled of iron and vomit and it looked as if blood had been splattered along the side. I gripped a cold metal railing to keep myself balanced. There were many other people in the truck with us. Some older, some looked to be seven.They all looked sickly and worried. It was crowded and cold. You would have thought being next to so many people would have been nice because you would have people to talk to but it was not. They were all cold and sickly looking, none of them said a word and we were jostled constantly. The open car in the back that we were sitting in shook a lot and I kept tumbling into the other passengers. As we passed fields, the smell of manure drifted through the air making me feel sick. My stomach lurched and my nausea became unbearable. I vomited and the smell was awful. I had to smell it the rest of the ride to the camp. The truck ride was only the beginning

They tell us “If you try to leave we will kill you without hesitation” I am very scared.We pulled up to the factory. Rachel wasn’t feeling well, she felt hot, not a good sign. I saw a woman about 20 years old try and run away and she was shot. The soldiers got back into the truck and drove off again.

I ran to the woman with Rachel in tow, and I tried to see if I could ease the pain of the shot in her stomach. It was clear she was dying. “It will be ok Madam” I told her. She began to cry and it was obvious it was causing her pain. “Madam, I know it hurts but you must stop crying.” I let her hold my hand as she died. Blood was getting all over my shirt. She died about two minutes later. Her hand slipped from mine and hit the pavement with an unnerving thump.

I cried that night. My life is terrible and I lost someone who I didn’t know the name of, but I had a connection with. I keep seeing her blood, her face, her crumbled body and I hear the thump of her hand hitting the pavement. I see it vividly and no matter how hard I try not to see it and focus on keeping Rachel well and alive. Suddenly it hits me why the woman’s death made me sad. She reminded me of my mother. My mother who had died just this day. I feel like this will be harder for me without my mother and hopefully rachel hasn’t lost hope but I have a sad feeling she has. Hope things get better for you.



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