Chapter 2 Project
Hot Hot Hot !!!

By  NMehta

Activity 1

If i were to produce 100 pints of sauce, There will be 150 green peppers left over

Activity 2

In order to maximize your profits you should make 150 pints of the red hot sauce. And 75 pints of the scorchin'hot sauce. And the maximum profit would be $255.00

Activity 3

Activity 4

If i were to sell my sauce to a supermarket chain, a local grocery store, and a specialty store. If the supermarket chain orders 288 pt every 8 weeks, and the grocery store buys 60 pt every 4 weeks, and the speciality store will buy 24 pt every week.

Then i will have to make 75 pts per week

Finishing Project

My profit analysis of producing Sizzlin, Sauces is that your making 75 pints of sauce each week. A pint of Red Hot Sauce Cost $7.05 to make. A pint of Scorchin’ Hot Sauce cost $8.25 to make. I would sell Red Hot Sauce for $8.25 and i would sell Scorchin’ Hot Sauce for $9.48. This brings in a maximum profit of approximately $255.00.

Brace Map

  1. Suppose you are the owner of the Sizzlin’ Sauce Company.
  2. Your company makes two different kinds of sauce, Red Hot Sauce and Scorchin’ Hot Sauce.
  3. As the owner of a small successful business, you want to minimize costs, maximize profit, and keep customers satisfied by filling orders promptly.
  4. To fill an order for Sizzlin’ Sauce sauces, you bought 1050 green peppers and 1200 hot chili peppers.
  5. What is the maximum profit?
  6. You can sell your sauce to a supermarket chain, a local grocery, and a specialty store.
  7. The supermarket chain will buy 288 pt every 8 weeks, the grocery will buy 60 pt every 4 weeks, and the speciality store will buy 24 pt each week.
  8. Presume that you want to produce the same number of pints each week, and that the type of sauce is not a factor in filling these orders.
  9. The activities should help you to complete your project.
  10. Write and graph a system of inequalities to represent the number of pints of each kind of sauce you can make.
  11. Refer to the recipes above.
  12. Select one solution of the system and determine how many peppers you will have left over.
  13. Suppose you make $1.20 profit on 1 pint of Red Hot Sauce and $1.00 profit on 1 pint of you should make and sell to maximize your profit.
  14. Visit a local grocery store to estimate the cost of each sauce ingredient.
  15. Remember that buying in large quantities can save you money. 

  16. Find the cost of producting 1 pt of each type of sauce.
  17. What selling price will you set for each sauce to maintain your profit
  18. How many pints of sauce should you produce each week to fill these order?
  19. Design a spreadsheet to track your stock of sauce after each week. Use cell formulas.
  20. Your report should include your analysis of the cost of producing Sizzling Sauces
  21. Include your profit analysis and production spreadsheet. Illustrate your reasoning and decisions with graphs.

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