A'Brianna Lewis

Here I Am.

I am A'Brianna Lewis , I was born July 29th 1998,which makes me a Leo! I am 16 yrs of age. My Height is 5'5 I have dark brown eyes and a dark brown hair color . I am currently living in Dubuque Iowa. There isn't much to do in the city of Dubuque but when i go out i like to hang with a couple friends or walk around laughing and talking and listening to my music.

About Me

I love to make people happy and be the reason for peoples smiles. Also love being around my family and close friends. I love to have fun i never like to be bored.  I feel that life should be full of excitement and fun things. I feel so unknown like I'm so different from the people around me. I fear snakes,mice,spiders,CLOWNS etc. What i fear most is losing my mother or letting my diabetes take over me. I need medicine all the time i take medicine every single day all day up until the i go to sleep.  I need attention and motivation i need something to push me every day something to look forward to. I give people advice and a lot of attention , i just cant be there for every one at one time. I give love and care to people i feel need it. I wish for A lot of things but most importantly i wish for this sickness to go away i wish i was never diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

My People

I come from a family of four children me being the oldest (not including my step brothers and sisters). My mother and father are so much different from each other. My mother being the nice and understanding parent. While my father is real hard on us about every little thing in the whole wide world. I have a yr. old brother , A 5 yr. old brother and a sassy 4 yr. old sister. My brother Robert is 14 years old, He only acts as if he is 5 yrs. old.  He annoys me like most younger brothers tend to do, only he can go on four hours, days and maybe even months. But Robert is very funny and also fun to be around, he loves to joke and laugh at about anything. Robert is like my PIC (partner in crime). Then there's Henry (A.K.A Lil Henry) my 5 yr. old brother man is he a hand full. Henry is a very curious child, he likes to learn and explore many things and places. Henry is very into music he will sit and study a song and know the full song the next day. He is very smart it amazes me some of the things he can do, like spell certain words and write certain words a five year old should not be able to write or spell yet. The Baby of the family My 4 yr. old sister Lovely (yes it is her real name). Lovely is oh so lovely she is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet although she can be sour at times. Lovely is so comforting yet sassy, she has a attitude out this world.  She loves the camera she loves to cuddle and she has a huge appetite only she is still so little. She reminds me so much of myself. My family means the world to me. I wouldn't trade them for nothing in the world. They are something i can't live without , so their something like my Backbone.  

My Heritage

Most of my family is from Chicago Illinois, The birth place of the sky scraper. Chicago is known for three Famous sport teams , Chicago Bulls ,Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs. Where my parents grew up in Chicago is not a pretty place although i know they would never change where they came from.  All my family is African American. Back then African Americans where looked at as animals or creatures anything but a human being with feelings. But there are A lot of Famous and Important African Americans who made a difference in the world. Such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, And In Dubuque Iowa, they have Ruby Sutton.

My Name

My name is A'Brianna Bonita Sharille Moore-Lewis.  I could not find the meaning for my first name so i searched for my middle name instead. Bonita means pretty or beautiful in Spanish, it has been used as an English name since the 20th century. My  mother and father was told they were having a little boy so they did not have a name for me until i was born that day in the hospital my mother said my father left out of the room for about ten minutes and came back with the most beautiful name. I got the name Bonita from my great aunt whom i share the same birthday as and my second middle name from one of my moms close friends. The definition most definitely reflects my personality. I am a beautiful young woman. I have a beautiful smile, and the most beautiful and biggest heart. I believe i have one of the most beautiful personalities in the world.

Who I Am

I see myself as a gentle caring and loving person with a big heart. I know that I a, a sensitive person and I'm very emotional but i am also a happy person and very caring. I react to A lot of situations the way I do because i was hurt A lot and I just prepare myself for the worse outcome.i have a few strengths like helping build someone back up letting them know they can be a better person and I have this strength because no one was really there to do that for me.  I have many weaknesses one of my weaknesses is my family i hate when someone bothers my family or says anything wrong or hurtful to them. Because my family has never been close and i hate that because when we loose family its hard for us to come together and talk to one another.  My Motto is “Life before Death.Strength before Weakness.Journey before Destination.”

My Favorite Things.

I have A lot of favorites, But some of my passions are having long walks and talks with my boyfriend or even just hanging with a couple friends just talking and laughing. I love listening to music, and trying to play basketball. I really don't have a favorite type of music if i like a song then i like it.  My favorite food is macaroni, pizza, corn dogs, funnel cake, and CHOCOLATE! My favorite movie is Matilda, favorite TV show is Empire. My favorite animal is a dolphin because they are happy animals and love to swim and play in water just like i do, i hope to some day become a Mermaid and have a pet dolphin. I like to watch hockey and basketball and act like i understand them. Favorite person/ celebrity is Marilyn Monroe! Favorite fashion item is Shoes!! My favorite book is Hunger games, Favorite class is English and world history.


In the next 10 years i would like to change and better myself not only for me but for my family. I want to be able o handle things better then i do. I wanna become a strong person, I want to take care of myself and pay more attention to my Diabetes and my health. When I'm 25 I will already consider myself as an adult, i will have my own everything and depend on no one for nothing. I will have my own family to raise my two kids and my husband and I. Nothing can stop me from being whom i wanna be and how i will become that person. i will attend a free community college. I will finish my job as a CNA and then hopefully become a full time stay at home mom.

Steps To Change.

My first step of change is to cut negative no good people out of my life. My second step would be to finish school and college and keep a good head on my shoulders. Third is to learn from my mistakes and keep on moving up.


Dear friend, I have had many exciting moments in my life up until now i am 36 years old. I am married to Frank Washington we have 2 children, 1 boy and one girl Royal And Royce. we live a condo in Tampa Florida. My life has changed so much after i graduated from high school and moved away from my childhood friends and family. I am a pediatrician at Miracle hospital. I am happy with my life at this point.


Identity is the condition of being a certain person or thing. Identity is who you are and who you were born to be. Everyone is born different which gives them their own Identity. Having an Identity gives you so many opportunities, you can build you career by having an identity it lets people know who you are and that's who you will always be.   

Identity affects me in life in many ways. Identity gives me my name birth and who i am today. It gives me something to tell the people in the world . By having an identity i am able to pursue my dreams and be somebody that means something to the people. I wanna be a pediatrician when i'm older and by having an Identity i can do that .  

Our society needs to be aware of individual identities because ones identity can prove a lot about them. Ones identity can make them one of the most honored person in history. We need to be aware because everyone is different we need to treat people differently and respect them as a different person. some peoples identity can put them above some of the most richest, famous people in the world because its their identity they can become anyone they wanna be.

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