3 Great Drink Games To Play This Summer

With the summer on its way, it is probably the best time to start digging for some great drink games. Whether you are spending your summer at home or you have vacation plans, let the drinking games be your ultimate source of fun, as they can be played anywhere, anytime and with as many or less players as available.

The alcohol turns every ordinary party into an unforgettable party, but drink games make your party much more exciting by bringing up competitiveness. Each drinking games mixes fun and competition in with a “reasonable” dose of alcohol. Here are 3 great drink games you MUST play this summer with your friends.

Flip, Sip Or Strip

This game can either get you really drunk or take your underwear off, depending on your gaming success. As most drink games , to start this one, you need at least 3 players, although with 5 players the game is more fun and lasts longer. The first player flips a coin and calls heads/tails while it is in the air. For a correct guess, the coin is passed on to the right, but for a wrong guess, the player must drink or take off a piece of his/her clothing. You are not allowed to do the same thing more than two times in a row. Make sure there are girls on your party to spice it up.


Jacks is one of those drink games that can be played anywhere, including at bars. It is a serious drinking game, but it requires no particular skills. To start the game, you need a pack of cards, an empty glass and few bottles of beer. Shuffle the cards and lay them all face down in the middle of the table. In turns, each and every one of you will pick up a card from the table and reveal it to the other players. If the drawn card is a jack, there are certain rules, but if it is not, discard the card and pass the turn to the next turn.

  • First Jack: The player fills the glass with some booze;
  • Second Jack: More booze into the glass;
  • Third Jack: And some more booze into the glass;
  • Fourth Jack: The player drinks all of the mixture;
  • Use your creativity and imagination to implement a set of new, additional rules for the other cards.

    Power Hour

    As one of the world's most popular drink games, Power Hour is included on all kinds of lists of games for drinking. This game is usually played before going out to a party, in order to get you “tuned” for it. The rules are very simple: take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. That is 60 shots of beer (6-7 beers), which is enough to get the night started. To make it more interesting, create a CD with 60 songs, each cut to a minute long. Add some sort of sound clip at the end of each song. For more fun, try to create a dynamic, from light and soft to more intense music.

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