3 Quick Tips To Get More From Your Window Cleaning Service

I have been asked many times by homeowners that how can I keep my windows clean for a longer time?” If you want to find the answer keep on reading this blog.

1. Screens

Let’s just start with your screens. If your windows don’t have screens, you can move on to tip 2.If you’ve had your screens cleaned by your window cleaner, which just dust them regularly. Then answer is that simple. I advise just hitting them lightly with an ordinary household duster. As this is not the solution. This won’t help your screens from need to be cleaned during your next scheduled cleaning. Though, it will remove visible dust, maintaining the appearance of clean screens longer. Not to mention helping to boost visibility through your windows. But that’s not only the job of a professional window cleaners Harrow, there is enough tasks to be performed by them in order to maintain a clean windows for a longer time.

2. Frames And Sills

Next, once you’ve had your windows cleaned by window cleaning services London, you can help keep them look streaky clean by just wiping the frames and sills regularly. This one is quite straight forward, just use a moist cloth and wipe the frames of the windows. Open the windows and get down in the cracks and corners of the sill, that’s where the most build up occurs. It will be pretty easy right? Let’s move on to tip 3.

3. The Glass

This tip will prove to be big one for you. If you want to maintain squeaky clean, awesome looking glass after your windows have been professionally cleaned by a window cleaner London, here’s how! We use pure water window cleaning system which delivers outstanding results every time. This is the trade secret other window cleaners don’t want you to know about. It is a great way to keep your glass looking amazingly, stunning and clear

So next time if you find yourself baffled, just reconsider the tips I have mentioned above, you’ll be glad you did!

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