Mobile Apps for the K -12 Classroom

Talking Tom and Ben News

Check out the app here. With this app students can create dialogues that either have to do with real world news, local news, school news, or students can just use the app to create any old conversation about whatever topic! For example students could use this app to demonstrate their understanding of an issue in current affairs for Social Studies.

Journal Jar

Check our the app here. Journal jar is a writing prompt app. You simply shake the jar and it spits out a topic for you to write on. The topics are creative and thought stimulating. This is an excellent app to fight that initial writer's bloc that can hastle students who trying to think of something to write about. I would recommend this mainly for the elementary grades for writing journal entries.

Story Kit

Check out the app here. This app allows users to create an electronic storybook using their imagination, or they can access classic stories (Three Little Pigs, etc.) and edit the story to recreate a different story. I would use this app for late elementary grades or early junior high to enhance creative writing skills. Check out the youtube video below to get a better idea for how it works!


Check out this app here. Videolicious is an app that allows you to create a video story. Record video, record voice, edit shots easily, add music, viola. Students in junior high and high school could use this app to meet curriculum presentation requirements for the purposes of assessment. Check out the demo below on youtube.

Sock Puppets

Check out the app here. Sock Puppets lets you create lip-synched videos using sock puppets as your voice characters. Users can choose their sock characters, backgrounds, etc. and then record their voice. This app could be used as a a creative presentation tool similar to a podcast for late elementary, junior high, and high school students, although the free version only gives you 30 seconds of recording time at a time. Check out the youtube video below to see what it looks like.

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