Ichthyosis Vulgaris
Chris Lucas
7th Period

Mode of Inheritance

Autosomal Dominant

Incidence in Population

Affects 1:250 people

Gene Map Locus

Chromosome 10q22.3-q24.2

Signs and Symptoms

  • a flaky scalp
  • itchy skin
  • polygon-shaped scales on the skin
  • scales that are brown, gray, or white
  • severely dry skin
  • thickened skin

Resulting Medical Problems

Problems such as

  • itchy skin
  • Overheating
  • Dry skin cracks and bleeds


A dermatologist—a doctor specializing in skin disorders—can typically diagnose ichthyosis vulgaris by sight.


Specialized Creams or Ointments

Used to help the skin retain water

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy isn't available for ichthyosis Vulgaris

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