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Julie Hetherington

3 Interesting things.

Here are a couple facts about myself. I am 15 years old and have 2 older brothers Adam and Ryan. I am an animal lover and love all types of creatures except for spiders. One of my biggest fears are elevators.My hobbies are dancing, jogging, and baking.


One of my hobbies that I love doing and is basically my life is dancing. I've been dancing for almost eight years. The classes that I've taken are Jazz, Pointe, Ballet, and Tap. I love to dance because it makes me feel very happy inside and for a plus you get tons of exercise. When I get older, becoming a dance choreographer is one of the things I would like to be.


Swimming is one of the many things I enjoy doing in the Summer. I do not take any classes for it, but I enjoy doing it just for fun. Swimming to me is very relaxing and can be very fun, if I didn't have a pool in the Summer I do not know what I would do.


Cooking and baking is what I also enjoy doing. It's very fun to make and eat as well. Next year, in tenth grade I am looking to be in Culinary Arts. I love making cookies and cupcakes or just about any pastry. I don't really cook that much other than eggs or macaroni, but I am trying to learn from my father who also enjoys cooking. When I get older I may also want to be a chef.


The three goals that I have in life are to have a decent amount of money, to be fit and healthy, and to travel across the world. I know it may sound  a little unrealistic, but it is my goal in life to see beautiful places other than Pennsylvania or Ohio. I'm going to try my hardest to work until I get to having the body that I want and healthy foods that I want/need to eat.

Place to visit.

A place where I would absolutely love to visit is California. California is somewhere I would love to live and where I want to live when I get older. I want to move or visit there because they barely ever get cold weather and it is very beautiful there. I have never ever been there, but I will make that a goal in life to visit there before I die.

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