Japanese Immigrants In America

By:  Caroline B. -Bradley T.- Maicy S. -Tyler F.

who we are

Japanese immigrants in the 1920 never did live the finest life. They were in the great depression just like any other american person and their conditions of living and food were bad.  The united states where racist and the bombing on pearl harbor just dug them into a deeper hole than they could get out of.

thanks to pearl harbor

Now that pearl harbor has happened we are treated worse than ever.  People think that we wanted it to happen and that we don't care. I myself feel confused. I am not sure weather or not to be happy or upset. I am upset that my new country is treating me badly but i am somewhat happy that  my old country is doing well. I hope that the war does not last long so that this pearl harbor issue can smooth over some and my life will return back to normal.

who to stay with

My trust is definitely with the united states. Currently they are not nice but i know it is because they are scared of the war.  I know that in the future when the wAr is over that i will be in bigger trouble for helping  japan. if i just stay and cooperate then  i will nit be seen as a threat. I also believe that what my country has done is somewhat wrong. i think my country shouldn't have interfered with the us until they had a good excuse.

my future

I know i will be punished. I hear that the us is going to put us in these things called internment camps. I hear they are like jails. I don't know why we belong in there if we haven't done anything wrong. I don't want to go anywhere near there especially with my two kids. They are scared of our future as am I but i tell them it will be OK . The us should be ashamed of their harsh treatment.

when we get to the end

This time period better be over soon because my life is taking a turn for the worst. I have a life with my children and my spouse and we need to move on before this situation ca't be undone. Wish me luck.

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