Oneida Community

A reform movement is defined as a kind of social movement that aims to make gradual change or change in certain aspects of society. Led by John Humphrey Noyes, the Oneida community was a great part of the reform  movement in the sense that they challenged contemporary social views on property owner ships, gender roles, child raising, monogamous marriage and work. With their diligent work ethic and devotion to life long learning, good health and selflessness, the Oneida Community developed one of the most prestigious manufacturing companies of the 20th century. Due to both internal and external pressures, the community disbanded in 1880, and created a joint-stock cooperation called Oneida Community Ltd. The Community's core belief was centered around the idea that they could attain personal and social perfection which was shown through their 93,000 square foot mansion built brick by brick in 1861. Today The Mansion House is a national landmark and museum honoring the religiously-based Perfectionist Oneida Community.

The 93,000 sq ft mansion that the Onedia Community lived in for 33 years shows the Community's value of perfection in the fine details.

The original Mansion House

Many years after the disbandment of The Community, The Mansion House that they lived in became a historical landmark and museum.

The modern Mansion House

Primary Source

This primary source conveys the sense of community that the Oneida community is striving for. The dome represents their home and how at the end of the day when their community is all together everything is well. The comfort and secludedness of their home keeps them happy and full of joy and life.

What you should know.

John Humphrey Noyes was the founder of the Oneida community. He led them for 33 years and their house is a museum today. Their "promise land" was near the Canadian border. They were and agricultural and industrial based community. They became one of the most prestigious industrial communities during their time. After their community disbanded they became one of the best and long lasting companies in the 20th century.

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