Civil War Journal

Jackson We-Leven

Jackson We-Levren. A Union Soldier who previously was profession as a expert Shoe maker. He joined the army to fight for the freedom of the slaves. His position is as a Spy in the Confederacy who deals with the president. He was never a slave owner and whenever their was a stoning or a causation of a slave steeling, and the punishments were executed, he would retreat to his shop and try to ignore the cries of pain from the Slaves. He always takes the leather from dead animals he can to make shoes for the Union. He was in the 36th Regiment.

Dear Mom,

Our Regiment is near Washington and it aint the best. The Huts are strung every where, there is no organization and we barely ever get down time to write or relax. All we do is drill. All morning and All Evening. We only got 8 hours o'sleep every night and 16 hours of Drill and practice all day.

Every day we are at camp I see this Morning Sunrise and feel safe and Secure.

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1) ...Join the Union...   Because i saw why they were fighting for the slaves freedom.

2) Staying with my mother.

3) That my mum never get.

4) Jeremiah, do you think that you could have reacted to the slaves in a different way?

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