Meredith carter
The decision-making model



Step 1: she don't want to show her mom or dad her grade .

Step 2: to show a parent of she sigh it.

Step 3: she can get in trouble.

Step 4: I consider her to show her parents

Step 5: she should not do it herself

Step 6: I would show my parents


Step 1: some one getting picked on

Step 2: watching or go tell

Step 3: if he stays there and whaches him get picked on they mite get picked on to

Step 4: I consider him to go tell

Step 5: he should not say there and whach

Step 6: I would go tell someone

step 1: is that  they said they were going a party but they we're smoking.

Step 2: they think they are grownup.

Step 3: they can get hart from smoking.

Step 4: I consider them not to smoke.

Step 5: I would not smoke at a party.

Step 6: I would go to my friends party but I will not smoke.


Step 1: he has homework but wants to go camping.

Step 2: staying home or going  camping.

Step 3: he can get in trouble if he don't do his work .

Step 4: I consider him to do both.

Step 5: I would do both.

Step 6: I would go camping and then at night I would do some homework.


Step 1: she's told her grammom she would come over and stay with her but on the same day she was asked did she won't to go on a fun trip .

Step 2: eathier go to her grammom or go on the trip.

Step 3: I would go to my grammom because she promised her .

Step 4: I consider her not to go on the trip

Step 5: I would go to my grammom house

Step 6: go to grammom

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