4th Quarter ScrapESbook

We Planted a Tree!!

    This past quarter, we had the wonderful oppurtunity to plant a tree on Marist's property! I personally enjoyed this activity very much. I liked learning about trees and their ideal living conditions. I found it interesting how trees don't heal, they seal. Through this activity, I learned very valuable information that I can use when I'm older and want to plant trees around my house. My favorite part of this activity is that we will all have a part of us left at Marist High School. Twenty-five years from now when we all come back for our high school reunion we will be able to look at our tree and forever have that unifying piece among us.

    This activity related to our phenology project that we did earlier in the year. In the fall, we observed trees and how they interacted with their surrondings. Planting a tree was the perfect way to build on the previous knowlege gained earlier in the year. As a class, we were able to take what we observed and put it into action. As Immanuel Kant once said, " Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play."

Envi Sci Takes on the Calsag

     My favorite thing that we did this year was our field trip to the Calsag. I really enjoyed catching the macro invertebrates and just taking in the beautiful nature around us. While I loved searching the water for macro invertebrates, I wasn’t a big fan of the boots-they weren’t very flattering. However, I will never forget the sense of accomplishment I felt when I caught a pregnant crayfish in the first 30 seconds. As a very competitive person, that just gave my day a great start. After that my group and I got to hike through the trails, which you may have noticed, is one of my favorite things to do. At this point my day is just getting better and better. I really enjoyed this field trip and wish we could go back!

    Our field trip relates to Envi Sci because we studied macro invertebrates, tested water quality, and discussed nature all year. During this field trip, we got to put our knowledge into action and test real water supplies and see nature in action. This trip was a way to take everything I learned during the year to the next level. We were able to watch the ecosystems we learned about in class and see how different things, such as water quality, can affect other things, such as fish and animals.

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2 years ago

I'm glad you had such a great time on the field trip. Plus, way to connect our phenology project to the tree planting! Thanks for a great year, Lizzie!! 50/50

2 years ago