Chapter One

M. Frankenstein married his best friends daughter after his best friend, Beaufort, died. He took care of her and treated her well. Victor was born; later they had another boy, William, and victor loved him very much. Victor's parents took in his cousin, Elizabeth, and he promised always to protect her; they may have been cousins, but they were to be betrothed once they were of age.

Chapter Two

Victor has grown; he grew a fascination with science and how life works. He wanted to learn and discover more about the mysteries of life and science. Victor met Clerval, a boy in his class, and they befriended one another. They were friends through their school years. They shared the same interests with books and science.

Chapter Three

Victor attended the collage of Ingolstadt, away from home. before leaving to collage, his mother died of scarlet fever. He went to meet a few professors at the collage. He first met M. Krempe, a professor of natural philosophy. Victor showed him the books he were reading and were very interested in. M. Krempe told him not to waste his time with that garbage. Victor was not disappointed, but thought different of the books entirely. He met another professor, named M. Waldman. Victor showed him his books, and Waldman was very happy to see a young man with interest in the mysteries of life and science. Victor admired this professor very much from then on. Waldman told him to take all the natural philosophy classes and mathematics classes, and showed him the machines in his laboratory. He even gave Victor books he needed.

Chapter Four

Victor decided to create a perfect human being. He dug in graveyards, retrieving the best limbs and features for his project. This took months to even put together. He dared not tell anyone, because such an act as stealing the dead, was insane.

Chapter Five

He then had the body before him, ready to bring it to life. He found the creature the most beautiful. It's features were the most wonderful to Victor. once the creature came to life, Victor regretted ever doing it. It was terrible looking; it was so bad, Victor fled from his room. He ran into his friend, Clerval. He stayed with him for the rest of the night, trying to get the monster out of his mind.

Chapter Seven

Victor receives a letter from his father, stating that his younger brother, William, is dead, and wishes Victor to come home and be with the family for a while. He was devastated. He hurried home to Geneva, and even in sadness he admired the nature he passed. He arrived at dark. Victor saw a huge figure in the wood. It was the monster he created. He was struck with fear and hid behind a tree. He had no doubt that this monster killed  his dear William. Justine, Victors cousin, was accused for the murder of William.

Chapter Eight

Justine was confident at trial, and even though her family believed she was innocent, she was found guilty and sentenced to die. Elizabeth told Justine she loved her, with Victor in the corner blaming himself for this whole mess. She died the next day, and Victor was completely consumed in depression.

Chapter Nine

Victor went onto the lake to reflect on how his actions killed his loved ones. He had thought about suicide; just drowning himself in the pond, but he loved his father and Elizabeth too much to cause more pain to them like that. He vowed to find his creation and kill it dead for all it has caused to his family and himself. Victor set out to Chamounix. He made it to the valley of Chamounix, and found a place to rest for the night.

Chapter Ten

Victors work space; where he worked day and night to conceive the "perfect human".

Victors work space; where he worked day and night all summer to bring to life, a "perfect human being". Little did he know that not all perfect things can be put together to create something most beautiful to look upon.

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