Summer 2k14

Elizabeth Alba

  • Degray Lake, with Elizabeth
  • Kally's 18th birthday party, with my boyfriend
  • 18th birthday party, with my best friend
  • My mom, and Stefany getting ready for the party.
  • Kenny's soccer game, in Hot springs
  • Sunset at Lake Degray

My summer has been good this year, me and some friends went to the Degray Lake before the jelly fish thing happened! I also went to Kally's 18th birthday party and had a lot of fun with my best friend, Stefany, and my boyfriend, Kenny. Then every Sunday Kenny had soccer tournaments that I went to and watched him play. I also when to watch the sunset at the lake a couple of times, it was really nice just there watching the sunset because the wind was blowing and it wasn't so hot.

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