Todays culture

The many people of japan believe in many different cultures. Some of the most common would be buddhism, and hinduism. They use to only worship buddha

The many people in japan have motorcycles for their transportation because the country is overpopulated. There are many types of martial arts practice in Japan. Japan is a habitat for pandas. In Japan there is not a cast system to follow.

Feudal Japan

By: Finley Bickford

Welcome to Feudal Japan. I'm a warrior of this country. Fighting other countries is my job.  As soon as the war ends we will begin the edo time period.


The many samurai castles are for you to practice the martial arts.Please join the army so we can defeat the other countries.The art is sold at  your  local store.

There is a new temple opening tomorrow in honor of the Emperor. The Emperor is 50 tomorrow. His celebration is at the temple. The temple is only for worship to buddha.

Don't forget to roll up your sleeping mats for the daily house inspection. All swords should be in their cases. If not in their cases you will have a write up. This is a messuage from the emperor.

Today we are having noodles to honor the emperor. Tomorrow is his birthday and he is going to Europe to settle a deal with their leader. This might start the Edo time period.

Many artist are looking for modals to paint so they can make a profit. There can be illegal  work going on so don't offer to be a modal. The many girls that have offered to be modals  have gone missing.

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3 years ago

Very interesting!!! I loved all of the Samurai roleplay, {Roleplay fanatic} It had good details, and interesting facts. Keep up the good work!