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121 Vermont drive Virginia

We have the best ride's in the world!!

Here are some of the name's of our ride's

Mario's Adventure

Timo of terror

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Here's a video of our rides.

You can build your roller coasters here

Here's our Restaurant Menu. (Dexter's diner)

Dexter’s Diner. The better food the better space travel

Menu: Drinks

Steak: $9.99 Coke: $2.99

Dexter’s special: $11.99 Diet Coke: $3.01

Fried chicken: $4.99 Sprite: $2.50

Hamburger: $5.99 Fanta all flavors: $3.00

Salad: $14.99 Hot chocolate: $1.45

Pies: $9.99 Milk: $1.00

Desserts: $10.00 Chocolate Milk: $1.10

Whole Pizza: $11.99 Mountain dew: $2.99

Slice of pizza: $1.85 Water: $0.45

Menu creators, Timo Sullivan, Frankie Cairns, Vinh Phan.