The Virginia-Kentucky resolution was written in response to the alien and sedition act. This resolution, Kentucky being written by Jefferson and Virginia written by Madison, gave the states the power to nullify any of the federal governments laws. The Hartford convention was where people met to discuss their grievances with the war of 1812. Additionally, there was a discussion on wether or not to remove the 3/5th compromise at the Hartford convention. A strong pro states rights was taken leading to the demise of the Federalist Party. The Webster-Hayne debate took place over a plan to reduce sale of land in the western U.S. ,  western senators felt this was to keep cheap labor in the north. Hayne debated that states should control their land not the federal government and states should have the right to nullify federal laws.  John C. Calhoun wrote the South Carolina exposition and protest in response to the tariff of 1828. This document stated that if the tariff was not repealed South Carolina would secede, this was an example of Calhouns doctrine of nullification.

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