Manifest Destiny

Americans wanted westward expansion so they packed up there homes and families and moved out West in hope of new opportunities, just like in the image above, this is an example of Manifest Destiny.

This video shows Manifest Destiny because it talks of the Louisiana Purchase which was a huge part of expansion in the United States.

The Indian Removal Act or "Trail of Tears" is a big symbol of Manifest Destiny, it shows how people were forced from there land just so Americans would be able to expand.

This picture was from the Mexican-American war, this war occurred because Texas wanted to become part of America while Mexico had ownership of them. America viewed Texas as independent and wanted to expand there, Mexico claimed they were not independent, this resulted in war.

The Louisiana Purchase played a huge role in the expansion of the country, this gained lots of land for Americans. The Louisiana Purchase was the first piece of land purchased by a president, after this purchase more people wanted expansion.

Many people used the Oregon Trail to expand, in the picture above this shows how they traveled on a small path and how the setting around them looked.

This video shows in a simple way how the Indians had to leave there land and how they fought for the land.

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