Montana Helena

By Jonah

The three biggest cites in Montana are Billings 104,170, Missoula 66,788, Greatfalls 58,505.

About the state.

The state flower and state bird are the Bitterroot and the Western meadowlark

The state nickname is the treasure state and the motto is gold and silver. Montana became a state on 11/8/1889. The land area is 147,164 square miles and the population is 1.006 million.  Montana's state borders are Idaho , Wyoming , South Dakota and North Dakota. The major bodies of water include Yellow Stone River ,Fork Peck Lake ,Fork Clark Lake , Flat Head Lake , and Missouri River

Climate and heratage

Montana is in two climate zones the Semiarid and the Highland.The climate is is about 28 in the mid winter and 85 in the summers. People from Montana are called Montanan.

Fun Facts

1:  Montana has the largest elk heard in the nation.

2: The Freeze out lake contains more than 40,000 animals

3: Montana has the largest grizzly bear population

4:No state has as many species of animals as Montana

5: Yellow stone national park was the first national park in the nation.

Why I picked this state

I picked this state because it is amazing in view and Heritage.


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Montana facts.