El Salvador

By: Alaina Lee
A Central American Country

This is the countries flag

Basic Facts about El Salvador

-Population is 6.2 million people! (2009)

-Capital is San Salvador

- Currency is US dollars

-Other languages are English, French, Chinese, and even Turkish

- Two neighboring coutnries are Guatemala and Honduras

This is just a basic map of Central America and all the countries that surround El Salvador.

Famous Places

Lake Ilopango:

This used to be a volcano but now the volcano is exctict, but then as the water rose and created a lake in side.

Cathedral of Santa Ana:

It is a neo-gothic (an artistic style that was used in the 19th century) Cathedral.


An archeological site in Chalchuapa, El Salvador. It's a large architectural area that is within the area of an ancient Mesoamerican city of Chalchuapa, in western El Salvador.

This is Lake Ilopago.

This is a picture of the archeology site in El Salvador

Local Expressions

One expression that is used in El Salvador is  bayunco. Bayunco means immature or foolish. Another expression they use is ique chivo! Ique Chivo means awesome or how cool. Lastly another expression is lana. Lana means money  when used in El Salvador.

This is similar to what someone in El Salvador would wear. They would wear light clothing becuase of the hot climate and light colors to reflect the sun.

Popular Food and Drink

El Salvador's cuisine in a mix between  some Central American countries. For breakfast lots of people in El Salvador eat eggs with vegetables and cheese. But also fried plantains (which is kind of like a sweet banana), mashed beans, and an assortiment of fresh fruit such as mango, pineapple, and banana. Other meals may include things like coastline seafood, many soups and stews, empanadas, tamalaes, and a strange item called Sopa de Pata which inclues corn, plantains, tripe, and cow's feet!  Some common snacks are Plantos Fritos (deep fried plantains), Pacalla (palm flowers breaded in cornmeal), and Yucca Frita (fried Yucca). A common dessert is Trese Leches Cake which just means that the cake was soaked in three kinds if milk, evaporated, sweet and condensed, and cream. Drinks include many tropical drinks.

This is the dessert Trese Leches Cake

Geography and Climate

El Salvador's climate is very simple, tropical. Although they do have seasons, but they're not like our seasons in the mid west. They have a rainy season which is from May to October and a dry season from November to April. The Gepgraphy of El Salvador is located on the Pacific side of Central America. It also Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the east. Although there are other small countries El Salvador is one of the smallest with an area with that is equal to Massschusetts. An interesting fact about the countries geography is that most of the island is a fertile, volcanic pleatu of about 2,000 feet.

This is a view of North San Salvador.

Civil War

In 1540 Pedro de Alvardo conqured El Salvador and the country became a Spanish Colony. But after many, many years, El Salvador won over their independence in 1821. For a while it was briefly apart of the Mexican Empire. Then it later became a member of the United Provinces of Central America. But then finally in 1840 the small country became completely a full independent rebublic. From 1931 to 1979 the country was ruled by many different military officals. Who brutely killed resistance, some estimated 30,000 people died. This was what had just began of a civil war in, which fully broke out in 1980 and went through to 1992. Some people think the country had a civil war because of the Cold War the U.S. was battling with the Solviet Union. In the end of the war some 75,000 people were estimated that were killed in the conflict.

This is a picture from the war.

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