Olmec Civil

The Olmec people is the first known civilization in Mesoamerica.


There isn't much evidence of how the Olmec people looked or their origin. We don't even know what they called themselves. 'Olmec' was their Aztec name which means rubber people since where they'd live around rubber trees.

Region of the Olmec

The Olmec originated in Mesoamerica. They lived in hot, humid lowlands along the gulf coast in what is now southern Veracruz and Tabasco states in southern Mexico. Their large cities were the center of religious rituals.


Olmec food came from farming, the food was farmed around river banks. They grew maize, beans, chilies, tomatoes, and squashes. Besides that men also hunted to provide food, they'd hunt deers, turtles, wild pigs, and alligators.


They traded away their finely made and polished celts, masks, figurines and small statues.Traded with other people of Mesoamerica for jade and obsidian to make their tools, jewelry and monuments.


The olmec people would built their homes on artificial hills if they lived near water because of weather, the weather would cause flooding. They also built pyramids to build temples on them.


There are huge heads that were found and its said that they were made by the Olmec and some of them represent a leader or a God and some say it could represent famous ball-court players from their game. These heads suggest that they were important people. These heads were found in three major cities in Mexico, there were  La Venta, San Lorenzo and Tres Zapotez.

Tools/ Weapons

The Olmec used weapons like swards, spears and knives. They'd either use their weapon to kill a pray or even to eat.

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