The Five People James Saw In Heaven

    30 minutes before James died he was down by a fishing bay with his two friends Eddie and Raphael. They were messing around playing spartan. Spartan is a game that is won by who ever stays on the dock the longest and the other losses by getting pushed into the water.They had played it many times and usually James always won but sadly this time James loss this time and as he was coming up out of the water Eddie landed on his head and passed out in the water and died.

  James woke up in a  bright white room with nothing in it. He heard a voice" Welcome "

    "Where am I " James asked.

    " Your in heaven" said the mysterious voice.

    " How did I die" yelled James as he was crying.

    " That doesn't matter you are with me now" said the voice." How about you come with me" Then the floor started and he saw people. The first person was his brother teaching him how to throw a baseball. The second person was his reading teacher Mrs.Kallen teaching him how to read.Next was Eddie  teaching him how to play baseball.4th person was his dad teaching him how to shoot a gun, and 5th was his mom teaching him how to use the bathroom.

Then all the sudden the voice said bye and he flew all the was down back to the bay where he had died.After that everything went black.Then the next thing he new he was in the water and James tried to get back to the surface. Eddie and Raphael were super happy and went to throw the base ball at the park.

  4 years later James told his story and they made a movie called Heaven Is Real.

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