Mischief Mania

Tom and Jerry

    Mischief Mania was founded in the year 1964.  This chaotic place was founded by Tom's owners.  Tom's owners bought 10 square miles of land and declared it as Mischief Mania.  Mischief Mania declared its independence in 1964 when it was established, it has no political relationships with any other country.  When Mischief Mania was established there were only 4 residence, now there are 8.  The population has doubled in the past 50 years.

   The language spoken by the residence of Mischief Mania is Vietnamese.  The Vietnamese language is a very simple language to speak, write, and learn.  The language is a huge part of the Mischief Mania culture because all other countries around Mischief Mania do not speak Vietnamese, they speak English.  Because of the language barrier between Mischief Mania and its surrounding countries, Mischief Mania is extremely independent and does not depend on any country besides itself.  Therefore the Vietnamese language greatly impacts the culture of Mischief Mania.

   Mischief Mania is constantly at war because the population is so small.  Countries all around Mischief Mania try to attack, to take Mischief Mania's greatest thing, the comedic Tom and Jerry.  Although Mischief Mania has an incredibly small population of 8, they are extremely good at protecting themselves.  Around the border of Mischief Mania, there are huge mouse traps always loaded with amazing cheese.  There is no way in and out of Mischief Mania without getting yourself caught into one of these traps!

   Mischief Mania does not have a great selection in food.  Because of the small population of 8, there is only one cow shared between them for milk and cheese making.  Everything else eaten in Mischief Mania is either a fruit or vegetable.  All residence of Mischief Mania are vegetarian because they have no meat available to them and they are so unwilling to trade with other countries.  The most popular food in Mischief Mania is cheese, but it is also the rarest.  Cheese plays a big part in why Tom and Jerry are constantly at war, because they both want cheese.  Although different varieties of food are scarce, the cheese is absolutely amazing and the residence of Mischief Mania are happy with it.

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