A Raisin in the Sun

Scene 5

1. In the dialogue, Mama wants everyone to be happy, so she went downtown and put a price on the house. But Walter had a sad face, but when she handled the envolope to Walter he lighted up like a firework. It shows that Mama wanted everyone to be happy and have a least something.

2. When Mama hands the envolope to Walter, it shows us that she wanted Walter to be happy like the rest of them family when they move into there new home. Mama also wanted Walter to have some money for his own use and to buy things for Ruth and Travis.

Scene 8

1. When Ms.Johnson was speaking, she has a pause in saying brave. I think she thought it was brave because she maybe wanted the Younger family to move out because she might dislike the family and wanted them out.

Scene 11

1. The important idea of this scene was that Waltered wanted his loved ones to be happy, so he thought about it twice and decided to move. Travis was looking at his father, and Walter wanted to show an example that you must not fear people that try to take anything away from you and stand up for people like that.

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2 years ago

Scene 5: Mama wants to help the whole family. When she give the envelope to Walter it tells the audience she trusts him.

Scene 8: Mrs. Johnson is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it.

Scene 11: The most important idea in this scene is that Walter shows pride in his family.