Mobile Learning

learning through mobile devices

Mobile learning is an increasing trend in accessing learning data through mobile devices. This means that our learning management systems need to be compatible with devices such tablets and mobiles, in a way to encourage our students to access learning, wherever, whenever. This could mean that the physical classroom is no longer a limitation, and instead students can learn when unwell, when overseas, when outdoors and have some free time. This allows more mobility and accessibility for both the student and the teacher. The limitation is that not all younger students may have access to a mobile device. Also compatibility issues with diverse devices will be a possible issue going forward. Since learning is done though a virtual handheld device it is more instantaneous.

I think that apps like b.socrative and mobile learning apps and games will work well with this type of learning. Videos and sound will be easily accessible and it could be useful for revision work. With adults, its a good way to push reading materials particularly through social media.

I think that within the next year it will take precedence in the adult learning field, however it will take another 3 years to become a standard in child education due to limitation of devices.

I think it will be useful, making learning more accessible and hand held, this will also reduce the structure of learning and the formality. It will be great to push learning through free time and on the move.

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