by:Austin MacDonald


Materals red solo cup andelastics 100% cotton fabric sharpies ofwarious colurs iso alcohol 90%. what we did... stretcned the fabric ouer the cup and held it with an elastic.make a small design with sharpies.Dropped the alchol in the centre of the desin one at a time.what we saw... the alcohol made the sharpie mareacd the colours combined to make new colours and the solid colous separated to show new colours. eg. black>purple red beside green >brown and orange.


we did o-wing to see which o-wing flier will go the furthest.the furthest it want was  500cm. will the size of straw's

the one will the size of the o-wing.the 17,5cm wani the furthest.


We put water and oil in the bottle an pit thefood carinin and we put the selltzer and it mand big blods.My question was will one bomid the loinigs.The hot water tiem was 00:04.05 and the coltbcld tiem was 02:04.05.      

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