The Anasazi Tribe

By: Iesha Alston

The ANASAZI Peoples


The Anasazi peoples established an farming society in Present-day New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, & Colorado.


The Anasazi peoples were from the region across the Southern Colorado Plateu & The upper Rio Grande drainage. Their tribe spanned to Northeastern Arizona, Northeastern  New Mexico, Southeastern Utah, & Southwestern Colorado.


The Anasazi peoples hunted & gathered wild plants for food. They were also farmers of corn, beans, & squash and the corn was dried & stored on the cob.

Tools/ Weapons

The Anasazi used canals & earthen clams, which  were used to turn parts of the desert into fertile gardens. They also used stones, adobe, & sun dried bricks, they were used to build pueblos.


The Anasazi made houses out of cliff rock (pueblos). They reason they built houses made from cliff rock, was so that rain, snow, bad weather, & dangerous animals could not cause any harm to them.

Interesting Fact about the Anasazi Tribe

The Anasazi Tribe were also known as the ancient people. They were also the ones that historians researchers give credit to for the fascinating cliff pueblos found throughout the Four Corners areas of which is now known as Arizona.

Video about the Anasazi Tribe

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