Vatican City

By: Kelli and Nana

Vatican City is located in Southern Europe and it is an enclave of Rome, Italy.

The population of Vatican City is 842.

The life expectancy is 78 years old.

The population under the poverty line is N/A.

The unemployment rate is N/A.

There are 480 Internet Users.

The Gross National Product (GNP) is N/A.

There are no challenges in the future for Vatican City.

The culture of Vatican City is very religious since it is the center of Catholicism. The majority of the population are clergy representatives and nuns. Tourism is very big in Vatican City. Many famous artworks are there.

The languages of Vatican City are Italian, Latin, French, and various other languages.

The religion is Roman Catholic.

The type of government is ecclesiastical which is a government ruled by or subject to religious authority.

The flag of Vatican City.

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