My dream house

By:Katie B. EGS

This is my dream house it is out in the country and the front has a flower garden and the house is made out of oak wood. There is also a little pond in by the porch it also has a pool in the back and more. Let me tell you you about the inside we will start with the kitchen......

In the kitchen there are wooden cabinets and under cabinet lighting and there is a Island in the middle of the the kitchen with the sink on top of it and a counter going around and underneath the counter is the stove and wooden cabinets and a refrigerator that is built in and two microwave ovens built in beside the refrigerator. There is also a pantry in the left corner off the kitchen. There is also a bar with stools to sit on and there is also a tiny secret door that leads to a candy shop.

There are four bedrooms but first I'm going to tell you about the master bed room it has a walking closet it has a huge bathroom and it has two king beds that are put together to make a monster bed it has a remote control that controls the windows dimness and opens and Closes them. There is also a tv that comes out of the fire place. In the bathroom in the bed room there is a deluxe bath tub with jets and tv there is also a shower with a rain head and also a soup dispenser with all types of soups. In the walking closet in the master bed room there is a section for shoes,shirts,sweaters,jeans,shorts,Julery and extras.

The next bed room is a kids bed room for a boy it is a race track theme it has a race car bed a little slide that looks like road. It is vary big it has wooden floors and a door in the back that leads to a outside padeo. It also has a red dresser and a little computer place. It also has a closet with cabinet that look like car trunks.

The next bed room is another kids bed room for a girl it has a queen sized bed. It has a bench going around it with throw pillows on top of the bench and coming up from the bench is wooden pillars that goes up to the ceiling. Behind the bed on the wall is bored with butterfly's on it. It has two windows with colorful curtains. It has a walk in closet in the back of the room with cabinets and places for everything.

The third bed room is a guests bed room it has a queen sized bed and a brown and white bed spread and three throw pillows and for big pillows and it also has a bathroom with a walk in shower and a regular closet and a wooden dresser that has a tv that comes out of it and it also has a couch then turns into a bed. It also has a big window in between the couch and bed.

In the living room there is a couch that curves with a coffee table in front of the couch. There is also a fire place in front of the table and there is also a flat screen tv on top of the fire place. next to the fire place I a collation of guitars. Next to the couch is a big rocking chair. The floors are a light wood with a rug in the middle with the coffee table on top. There is also a spiral stair case that leads to all of the bedrooms and a bathroom.

The girl cave is in the basement. It has a letter coutch and a HUGE flat screen tv. The ceiling looks like stars and around the stars on each side are black lights. Underneath the tv are three big speakers and there is also a Minnie Starbucks station in the back.

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