The Bar Code Tattoo

By Gwen Wilusz


The Bar Tattoo By Suzanne Weyn is about a troubled  17 year old girl, Kayla Reed, and a futuristic nightmare. Kayla is a very creative and artistic girl, but she isn't good in school which  doesn't allow her to get into a good art school. This book is based in  a future where everyone gets a bar code tattoo when they turn 17.The bar code is run by a company that is taking over everything, Global 1.  What will happen when Kayla doesn't want to get the tattoo? This book is about how Kayla Reed fights for her rights, and to not get a tattoo.


Kayla Reed

Kayla Reed is the main character in this book. She is very artistic and she loves art. She is troubled because her dad has been depressed since he got the  tattoo.  When Kayla decides to not get the bar code tattoo, it shows that she is brave and strong. She is against Global 1.

Mfumbe Taylor

Mfumbe Taylor is smart, and kind. When he noticed Kayla crying he gave her a piece of gum. He stayed by Kayla's side when her other friends abandoned her. Like Kayla, he doesn't have the bar code tattoo and is also against Global 1. He is never afraid to stick up for himself which shows that he is also brave and strong.


Zeakel is very persuasive and good looking. He tricked Kayla into almost getting the bar code tattoo. He is  a main antagonist in this book and not a very likable character. Unlike Kayla and Mfumbe, Zeakel has the bar code tattoo.

Other Characters

Amber Thorn is Kayla's best friend and has the bar code tattoo. Ashley Reed is Kayla's mom and has the bar code tattoo. Nedra Harris is another main antagonist in this book with the tattoo.

Suzanne Weyn is the author of The Bar Code Tattoo

About the Author

Suzanne Weyn grew up in Long Island, New York. Now she lives in upper New York and a thriving family. She is the author of many books including The Invisible World: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials, Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic , Reincarnation, Diamond Secret, The Night Dance, The Crimson Thread and South Beach Sizzle with Diana Gonzalez(Quills Award nomination). She is an amazing author and has been writing for many years.


This book is set in 2025 and in the United States. The first half of the book is set in the East Coast in Kayla's small neighborhood. The rest of the book is in the Whiteface Mountain. Whiteface Mountain is a ski resort currently, but in this futuristic setting the resort has been abandoned. In most of the book Kayla and Mfumbe are traveling to this exotic mountain.

Whiteface Mountain



Kayla Reed turns 17 but doesn't get the Tattoo.

Rising Action

  • Kayla's Dad commits suicide because of  the bar code tattoo
  • Kayla refuses to get the bar code tattoo
  • Kayla joins Decode


Kayla is running away from Global Officers, run by Global 1, because they think that Kayla killed her mom.

Falling Action

  • Kayla finds Mfumbe, who ran away from home, in the middle of the forest.
  • Together they made their way toward Whiteface Mountain.


Mfumbe and Kayla make it safely to the Whiteface Mountain and learn new things.

Author's Purpose

I think that the author's purpose was a warning. I think that Suzanne Weyn was trying to inform us that this is how our future America could be, overrun by tyranny. The theme of this book is to stand up for what you believe in. For instance, Kayla is running, fighting, and hurting because she strongly believes in not getting the tattoo.


Clearly, you should read The Bar Code Tattoo As soon as possible. This book is full of adventure and emotion, and I was captivated the entire time. I hope that you read this book.

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