Kansas Jay-hawks Basket Ball 2015

Kansas is a going to be a beast this year!

This is Sviatoslav, from Ukraine. He is 17 and played for Ukraine in the basket ball World Cup. He is a starter for Kansas and a beast. Kansas also has returning Frank Mason and new comer Cliff Alexander is one of the top five picks and played for McDonald's all star team. They are losing great people from last year though, like Andrew Wiggins (Maple Jordan) and Joel Embed. Now that you know about the ups and downs please look at the rest.


They do not have a 7 foot center, but they have good shoot blocker and re-bounders to take the ball and crush the glass. They have a rival this year is Kentucky and Florida for March Madness.

Overall:   The Polls are not kidding, Kansas is in the top 20 again! This year they will have rival teams, new, but mostly the same teams (Arizona lets go, UK, Florida, Duke). They have new starters that are predicted to be one of the best.

Ending: Now that you know about this year's K.U. roster I hope you think what I think about this years team being one of the best. And Rock-Chock-Jay Hawk and Go K.U.


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3 years ago